The Power of Self Belief

"You can steer yourself in any direction you choose." Dr. Seuss.

Flora London Marathon, UK, 1996

This was me, back in 1996 crossing the finish line of the Flora London Marathon. I had just been overtaken by a man wearing a daffodil costume and I was about to be over taken by a man twice my age (great for him, but not enormously encouraging for my own self esteem!) I swore at the end of this race, I would "NEVER, EVER, RUN AGAIN."

But 23 years on from this photo and I have got through more pairs of running shoes than you can imagine. Running has become my self belief time, my positive me time, my stress relief, my mountain time and it keeps me quite fit as well! And as a Online and Running Coach I encourage clients to take this approach as well.

The Power of Self Belief.

Self belief can be so powerful. I remember telling my Dad that I was going to run the Marathon des Sables. He looked shocked and worried at the same time; stating "you won't be able to do that." His doubting me fuelled me, together with the sudden death of a very close friend. So every run I did in my training, I thought of his words and my friend. I was 100% determined to complete the race and prove him wrong and complete this race for my friend. Having this drive and passion, not only helped focus me, but helped with my self belief.

MdS, Morocco, 2010