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Online training coach

Online training coach.

Last year one of my most popular blogs was about Online training coaching. I asked the question "was this style of training a fad or was it here to stay?" I am often asked how the Online training works by clients or prospective clients and how practical it is for them to achieve results. I firmly believe it is here to stay, as this form of training provides flexibility, is a cost effective method to receive focused expert coaching to work on your goals, provided, and this is important, you have a trainer who understands you and you can work with.

Georgie Islip, Day 2, Marathon des Sables

What are some of the other options available?

As a Personal trainer and Running coach, I appreciate we can be expensive but I know we can do the following:

- save you money in the long term by helping with motivation,

- provide accountability to complete workouts,

- coach the correct form and techniques,

- work on improving muscle imbalances,

- coach how to recover from training or races

- and coach how to train effectively without injury.

Hiring a personal trainer or running coach, particularly if you are new to exercise may be a good option to help you learn about correct form, techniques and fix any muscle imbalances.

There are obviously numerous options available for training, such as online community groups, online challenges, classes at gyms, boxing classes, new running classes and other group fitness workouts etc. But with 92% of us failing to maintain our New Year resolutions, sometimes having someone coaching you how to do a workout/running session is far more effective on a one on one basis than in a group class, at a gym or from an automated voice.

However, if you are motivated to train and signing on with a personal trainer is not an option available to you, hiring an Online training coach could work out for you. This form of expert advice is cheaper and is a good investment to help you learn how to run more efficiently or workout without injury. So helping you learn how and what to do for yourself in the future.

What do I look for in an Online training coach?

But what do you look for in an Online training or Online running coach to know they will work well with you? Here are some points to consider when looking at hiring an Online training coach.

– You are a highly motivated individual, but just need some direction or focus for a goal race or a goal to improve your fitness potential. – You may have a young family and find it difficult to train regularly. The Online programs should be flexible so you can fit the session around your lifestyle, work or family commitments. Your coach needs to fully understand your lifestyle and goals.

- Your work is full on and you have limited down time. Therefore having workouts that are effective and focused will be beneficial to you. – Your programs should be specifically designed to meet your strengths, weaknesses, muscle imbalances and goals.

- Your coach should provide unlimited contact with you depending on the level of support you bought. – There is no travel time to complete your workout if you are exercising at home. Therefore you are more efficient with your time. – You can move the workouts around (to some degree) depending on your work and life commitments. – Online training coaching is relatively inexpensive. Do look at some of the hidden costs for set up fees etc.

- Ask your potential coach questions about their training, experience relative to your goals. Ask if they provide Skype contact and what is their response time and set up fee costs.


I strongly believe Online Training is right for some people. I believe it is here to stay and is not one of these fitness fads. It is an efficient way to get the best training you can while having the flexibility to work out in your own time and when you want.

If you like the idea of Online Training, and if you need some help with your training plan and think Online Personal Training could work for you, this is one of my specialities. Contact me now to discuss your goals and needs.

I will happily meet with you for a run (if you live in Calgary) or Skype call if you live outside Canada. You are investing in me, so I want to invest in you.

So why put your training off any longer? Contact me now and commit now!


Move more. Eat well. Live happy. Happy Running!

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