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Online Personal Training. Is it a fad or here to stay?

You want to try Online Personal Training? But where do you start?

Nowadays, personal trainers are very popular. As a trainer and running coach I know we can save you money in the long term by helping with motivation, providing accountability, teaching correct form and technique while working on improving muscle imbalances.

However, is this the best option for you? As a personal trainer and running coach, I appreciate we are on the expensive side. So have you ever considered Online Personal Training? It is cheaper and can be incredibly effective. I would say that you do need the motivation to train so it may not be something for someone who is relatively new to exercise to invest in. Here it may be better to hire a coach for a while and then look into online training. There are other options that are available for training, but sometimes having someone teaching you what to do is far more effective than an automated voice.

Is it a fad or here to stay?

I strongly believe Online Training is here to stay. Particularly if you select a coach who will meet up either for a run or Skype call. It is an efficient way to get the best training you can while having the flexibility to work out in your own time.

Why it may work for you?

Strength exercises are designed into your program

If you are a potential client who is looking into hiring an Online Personal Trainer, then consider these points.

– You are motivated, but just need some direction or focus for a goal race. – You may have a young family and find it difficult to train regularly. Programs are flexible so you can do the session when it fits in for you, perhaps when your children are sleeping? – Your program details are delivered on a weekly basis after reviewing your previous week performance. – Your programs should be specifically designed to meet your needs and goals only. – You then have the flexibility to complete the workouts when they work for you. – There is no travel time (although I offer mobile training, where I come to you). – You can move the workouts around (to some degree) depending on your work and life commitments. – Online Personal Training is relatively inexpensive.

If you have agreed to most of these points, then try Online Personal Training. And if you need some help with your training plan and think Online Personal Training could work for you, this is one of my specialities. Contact me now to discuss your goals.

I will happily meet with you for a run, coffee or Skype call. You are investing in me, so I want to invest in you.

So why put your training off any longer? Contact me now.

Georgie Happy Running!

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