7 Awesome New Runner Tips

So you have just started running. Fabulous news! You will enjoy your journey as a new runner, because you will learn something each time you run. I am still learning and I have run for the last 40 years, ever since I headed out on my first run back in Junior High. If only I had of known then some of these New Runner Tips to help keep me injury free, stronger and running longer!

Firstly, where do you start? How do you progress into longer runs and what should you do when your body hurts? Does this mean you are getting an injury or just muscle soreness? Secondly, how can you keep motivated and continually get out to run even when switching the alarm to snooze seems such a great idea in the dark early mornings?

So these 7 Awesome New Runner Tips are going to help you as a new runner to you get stronger, keep you motivated and running injury free.

#1. Identify a goal and set a plan.

These are important New Runner Tips. Identify a goal that is challenging but achievable. It could be to enter one of the Run Calgary 5k races or even the Calgary Marathon races in May. (https://www.runyyc.ca/run-calgary-events) Perhaps consider joining one of the many running groups in Calgary. Next identify when you can run each week in your plan, the purpose of the run (recovery, long slow run, speed work, hills or just a stress relief run) and how long you are going to head out. Stick to this plan and tick off each time you have completed the workout. But be realistic. Add in your social events or days when running will just not fit in. This removes the pressure of failing to not make it out there for a run.

By identifying at the beginning of the week when you can exercise, will get you into a routine. Consequently, this routine will help you become a more consistent runner and you will start seeing fitness improvements and results.

Each time you drift from your goal think about the process of your training and by completing the process this will ensure that step by step you will meet your goal.