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I am an export from the UK, and now a proud Canadian citizen, who loves being outside and playing in the snow, sun and running or hiking in the mountains.  Some describe me as an outdoor nut, which is probably true. I have always played sport and after I had my two sons, I started to run. Since then I have completed loads of different races from 5k to the infamous Marathon des Sables. (See my story of my "Why".)

My Story!

My Story!

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If I am not out running with my dog Louis, then I am staring at a map working out where to trail run this summer! 

RACES: Marathon des Sables (250k in the Sahara, Morocco) Hi-Tec Adventures Races, London Marathon; Jack and Jill Ultra, Pilgrims Way Ultra, Calgary Marathon (B.Q time) Sinister 7 100miler solo x 3, Zane Grey 80k, Canyon Endurance 100k, Lost Souls 100km, UTMB 2022 (171km + 10,000m elevation) where I came 2nd in age group. 

FOR FUN: 13 times up and down Prairie Mountain (same elevation as Everest and done for charity) 24 hour challenge in the garage (raised money for Street Sisters) R2R2R, Assiniboine run, Mt Glasgow, Northover Ridge, Rockwall, Skoki and other trail case you had not guessed, I run distances you drive but I just do these for fun!!

QUALIFICATIONS: Premier Personal Training, UK; NASM Corrective Exercise Training; NSCA's Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a shed load of experience through ultra races! Also completed AST 1 & 2 and Crevasse rescue course