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42.2k and Beyond Training Group

For a few years now athletes have asked me “how do you start running Ultras?” So for 2018 I am starting a new training program to equip you and other like minded athletes with the skills and workouts needed to complete your first 50k. This program will take you through the training you need to do to go 42.2k and Beyond. Athletes can select their own race to train for or run the 50k at the Calgary Marathon, which is easy and convenient if you live in Calgary and have family commitments. If needed, I can help identify a suitable race for you to work towards.

Each training program will be designed specifically for the individual, taking into account strengths, weakness, running ability, family commitments, etc.

We will meet up twice a month for running sessions and we will mix these meet ups between road runs and trails. Each are a great way to strengthen your body, develop endurance fitness and work on stability.

Spaces are limited and the cost is $200 + GST per month and includes the following:

– Total coaching account – No set up fees – Weekly programs designed to each athletes needs, to include strength training, core, gluteal and balance workouts. – 1 monthly meet up on roads to work on form, hill, speed and tempo running. Ideal day first Sunday of the month. Runs will increase in length as the months progress. – 1 monthly meet up on trails in West Bragg to work on trail running techniques. Third Sunday of each month. – Nutrition support for running long – Race preparation and management guidance – Mental training to manage running long and races

So what challenge are you going to complete in 2018 and be proud of? Call me now and get started now!

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