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5 Core Principles to choosing a Running Coach

So you want a running coach?

That is great, but do you know what you are looking for? Here are 5 core principles I would recommend you look at before choosing a running coach.

1. Are they a Good Fit with you?

Think about the type of person you are and what you want from a running coach. It is key they understand you and your needs. Think about your goals and how the coach will help you achieve these goals. It is important not to have someone that pushes you too hard and causes you to get an injury, or the reverse and they are too easy on you.

2. Understanding your lifestyle.

How well does your coach get your lifestyle? If you have some lifestyle commitments and can only train on certain days, will they understand this? If you have children and want to spend time with them, do they get this? How can they organize your long runs not to be too long and miss valuable family time. Can they balance your workout program to meet your goals?

3. Their coaching philosophy.

So what is their coaching philosophy? Does it match with your beliefs and values? Do they put too much emphasis on running hard and fast without the crucial strength training sessions? Do they ensure you have easy weeks and hard weeks, while listening to your other fitness commitments. I think above all, the training needs to be fun and enjoyable because then you will be motivated to work hard.

4. Programs designed for you and not the masses.

I have heard of some coaches bragging about the ease of on line coaching. How they simply design one program that fits all, saving them time and allowing them to be off playing. Make sure you select a coach that gives you a program that caterers to your needs and goals.

5. Accessibility to your coach.

How quickly can you receive communication from your coach? Will they respond within 24 hours? It is important to have access to them at least within 24 hours, particularly if you have a question that needs replying.

If you would like to contact me about running coaching then please send me an email. I would love to hear from you. Email me at

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