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New year always brings new excitement. New gym memberships, high expectations, bold plans and goals.

I’m going to climb all these mountains this year……

However these well intended New Year resolutions are often neglected by the end of January. 41% of Americans make New Year resolutions such as losing weight and exercising more; but only 9% feel they were ever successful in achieving their resolutions. (

The problem is we have so many demands made on us daily, that we are setting ourselves up for failure if our resolutions are too vague. It is best to keep the goals simple. So rather than aiming to lose weight, removing fatty foods, cheese, cream and processed sugar from your diet for six weeks will be more attainable.

Eat a variety of fresh foods.


So what does this all mean when it comes to New Year goal setting?

Avoid diets and learn to eat healthily by controlling portion size and eating sufficient fruit and vegetables on a daily basis will help you feel healthier.

Set simple exercise goals and schedule these into your week.

Organize yourself on a Sunday so you know what you are doing the following week.

Review your goals and see if they are attainable. Do they need to be changed? Do you need to re-set your expectations?

Set goals for your fitness; family life and business.

Exercise with friends.

Enter a local race. The Calgary Marathon is ideal. Why not try running the 5k if you have never run before. Or try running the 150 ultra if you have run several marathons. Challenge yourself.

Do not plan to enter a race if it coincides with a major activity.


Keep your goals and new year resolutions simple. Set realistic expectations and most importantly do not be too hard on yourself if you do not achieve your goal.

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