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Georgie in a pink t-shirt running in the mountains around Chamonix


Call me now to unlock your potential and make your running or fitness dreams turn into reality.

Training 5ks to Ultras.

UTMB 2022, Chamonix, France - August 27th - 22 hours in to the race.. I finished 2nd in age group and 46th woman


HI! I'm Georgie! I am an experienced endurance athlete and running coach in Calgary and have raced some of the toughest ultras out there - Divide 200miler, Marathon des Sables, UTMB, Canyon Endurance and Sinister 7. 
I work with individuals of all levels to help them reach their goals, whether they’re running a 5K or an ultra-marathon. From customized online training plans for running and ultra running that are specific to you and one on one run coaching sessions, I offer the guidance and motivation to help you reach your goals.

My passion is about my athletes achieving their goals, whatever these may be.  So have you a dream goal that you want to achieve? Do you want to run your first Ultra? Or do you simply want to get fit and feel better? By providing a science based and holistic approach to training, I help my clients become physically, mentally and emotionally confident in their abilities. You will work hard but I want you to have fun and enjoy yourself. For my female athletes I will take into consideration your menstrual cycle to ensure we are working with your physiology.

My online running coach or online ultra running coach plans will help develop the following (*available in Premium  Plan only)

  • Developing your deep “why” you workout or run

  • Helping to set realistic goals

  • Running workouts specific to your needs and goals

  • Personalized strength workouts


  • Mobility work to keep you moving 


  • Mental health and mindfulness strategies and tips


  • Unlimited email, messaging communication and regular Skype or FT calls (*Premium plan only)

  • Basic running nutritional support

  • Race plans and strategies (*Premium plan only)

I am not saying this will be easy, I know as I have recently finished the Divide 200 miler. I put so much hard work into this race but I did it and came 3rd female and 13th overall. I will make the training fun and it will take hard work. We will help you build perseverance, grit, determination and patience. The rewards, trust me, will be amazing! You will feel happier and healthier and you will most certainly be fitter! I will be there with you all the way on your journey!
So come and join me and let's take your running and fitness to the next level.

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UESCA Ultrarunning Coach

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Ready to take your running and fitness to the next level? I am here to help you make it happen. 

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Unlock your potential and achieve your goals.

I am passionate about YOU achieving your goals, whatever these may be. I am here to help you every step of the way by providing you with an individualized training plan that will give you the physical, mental and emotional skills to push past your what are you waiting for?

Contact me now.  FYI - my goal this year was to complete the Divide 200 miler and I did, coming 3rd female and 13th overall. What's your goal? Let's dream BIG!


I trained with Georgie for four years and enjoyed every single session. She helped train me for 10k races, 30k off-road and triathlons and was able to put together training plans that pushed me but worked with the limits of my lifestyle. I looked forward to my Tuesday mornings with her as not only were they part of my training but also became therapy! One warning though - when doing hills with Georgie and there are other runners around - she will never be beaten!”    Mags

I trained with Georgie for two years until she left for Canada. Running with her was always fun, varied and I felt fit and energized after every session. Through the sessions I reaped many benefits; weight loss, improved muscle tone, increased stamina and I felt more confident. Initially I was only running two or three miles, but due to her training program and advice on nutrition I completed the London Marathon without injury. I couldn’t have done it without her. Georgie was always so positive and fun to be with and I miss our sessions very much."    Yolanda 

I found my coach Georgie online at Georgie is an accomplished ultra marathoner who also provides running and fitness coaching. What sold me was a picture of her finishing the Marathon des Sables. (The Marathon of Sands, is known as the toughest footrace on earth, it's 251km, and is essentially 6 marathons back to back run in the heat of the desert. I also learned that Madonna had done this race at one point.). I thought for sure someone with this type of background would be able to impart some knowledge on to me. And luckily for me, Georgie was the perfect fit. Georgie is warm, upbeat, knowledgeable, and extremely motivating! 


I felt like hiring Georgie Islip made me feel like a child again; it's been a while since I've gotten so much positive feedback and encouragement as an adult. I joked to my friends that it was like Georgie was my nanny, because she's from England, and I her loved hearing her tell me, 'well done, good job, you can do it," with a doting British accent. Every run with her was energizing, she made me love hills. Her running plans are adaptable and varied. She really stresses the importance of strength and core training to make you a well rounded athlete."    Linh 

I’ve been around the fitness world for a while now….Georgie is one of the best. I highly recommend her to help put discipline in your routine that demands results. Plus her “can-do” attitude is highly contagious.”    Jo


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